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    Metamorphic agent

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    Name:Quadruple Modificator SY-B5

    Time:2016-4-8 17:49:57

    This product is formulated with a variety of salt compounds through dehydration and refining. It can be used for modification of sand casting or thick-walled casting and can deliver good modification performance.

    Properties: white powder, 2.5kg/pack.

    Applicable to: hypo-eutectic and eutectic Al-Si alloys with Si content ranging from 6% to 13%.

    Processing Temperature: 700℃~730℃

    Recommended Dosage: 1.0% ~ 2.0%

    Features and Benefits:

    1.Low processing temperature; good and stable modification effectiveness.

    2.More refined casting grains; improved mechanical performance of alloys, especially in terms of plasticity.


    Spread a certain amount of the product on the surface of the melts. Keep still for 10 ~ 12 minutes. Stir the melts and allow the product to go to the deep of the melts. After 3 ~ 5 minutes, clean off the slags and cast a rod for fracture testing. When the modification meets set standards, start to cast.


    Insufficient modification: fracture is dark gray, big grain size, visible Si spots.

    Proper modification: fracture is silver white velvet-like shape, even grains, no visible Si spots.

    Over modification: steel gray fracture and eutectic accumulation due to overdosing.

    Packaging and Storage:

    Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes or woven bags as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box. Store with caution in a dry place and avoid damp.

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